From research to start-ups  – strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit at Pro²Future

We’re thrilled to announce that the project, P2D2 (Power Processing for Defect Detection), has received funding approval from the FFG – The Austrian Research Promotion Agency. This exciting initiative aims to create a start-up that will revolutionize defect detection technology during manufacturing processes.

Key Highlights:

  • FFG Spin-Off Fellowship: P2D2 is part of the FFG Spin-Off Fellowship program, which fosters innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. P2D2 contributes to the programme’s goal of strengthening Austria’s position as a thriving business hub.
  • Pitching Success: On November 30, 2023, our talented fellows and pre-founders, Muaaz Abdul Hadi and Stefan Trabesinger, presented their start-up pitch to a distinguished jury in Vienna.
  • Funding Triumph: On February 22, 2024, the FFG officially announced that P2D2 secured funding. This is also the first time a COMET K1 Competence Centre, such as Pro²Future, has received funding through this program.
  • Next Steps: The P2D2 fellowship program will run until the end of April 2025. Following that, we’ll officially launch our start-up. Stay tuned for the big reveal—the name and website of our innovative venture!

Wishing the best to our dedicated fellows and their exceptional team!

Link to the press release:

A moment after the hearing in Vienna on 30.11.2023 (from left to right): DI Dr. Muaaz Abdul Hadi, DI Dr. Stefan Trabesinger (both fellows and pre-founders); Prof. Marcel Baunach (scientific mentor), DI Gerd Hribernig (Host and business mentor), Prof. Franz Haas (scientific mentor – not in photo).

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