Hall of Fame

2021 Awards & Honors

Kajmakovic, A.: Best Poster Award “IOT as enabler of workers’ stress detection in manufacturing systems of the future“. IoT 2021.

Roland, W.: Best Paper Award “Modeling Fully Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Kneading Blocks: Part B. Power Consumption and Viscous Dissipation“. SPE ANTEC 2021.

Salomon, E.: Best Poster Award “Comparison of Channel State Information driven and RSSI-based WiFi Distance Estimation“. EWSN 2021.

Sopidis, G.: Best Poster Award “Micro-Activities Recognition and Macro Worksteps Classification for Industrial IoT Processes“. IoT 2021.

2020 Awards & Honors

Brillinger, M.: Best Presentation Award “Additive manufacturing of salt hydrates: Primary process parameters and case study”. ICMEP 2020.

Brillinger, M.: Best Paper Award “Non Newtonian material behaviour in extrusion based 3D printing: Investigation of critical process parameters”. MCM 2020.

Ferscha, A.: Presidency of the ÖWGP. Austria. 2020.

2019 Awards & Honors

Abdul Hadi, M.: Best Paper Award “Adaptive Assembly Approach for E-Axles”. MMS2019 & MobilityIoT 2019.

Brillinger, M. and Bloder, M.: Best Poster Award “Axialflussmaschine – Neuartiges Motorkonzept verbessert Umweltbilanz von Elektroantrieben”. IONICA 2019.

Kraus, D.: Forschungspreis 2018 “Informationstechnologie” für die Masterarbeit “Approach for a novel optical network design for future automotive applications”. Österreichische Bundeskammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen. 2019.

Kraus, D.: Best Paper Award “Achieving Robust and Reliable Wireless Communications in Hostile In-Car Environments”. IoT 2019.

Trendafilov, D.: Best Paper Award “Importance of Coordination and Cultural Diversity for an Efficient and Flexible Manufacturing System”. COGNITIVE 2019.