Hall of Fame

2022 Awards & Honors

Anzengruber-Tanase, B., Sopidis, G., Haslgrübler, M., and Ferscha, A.: Best Technical Paper Award “Determining Best Hardware, Software and Data Structures for Worker Guidance during a Complex Assembly Task“. PETRA 2022.

Gashi, M., Mutlu, B., Lindstaedt, S., and Thalman, S.: Best Paper Award “No time to crash: Visualizing Interdependencies for optimal maintenance scheduling“. COGNITIVE 2022.

Ratiu, C.C., Assuncao, W.K.G., Haas, R., and Egyed, A.: Best Paper Award “Reactive links across multi-domain engineering models“. MODELS 2022.

Suschnigg, J., Mutlu, B., Koutroulis, G., Thalmann, S., Sabol, V., and Schreck, T.: Fraunhofer IDG and Visual Computing Groups of TU Darmstadt Honorable Mentions of BigDataResearch JOURNAL 2021 “Visual Exploration of Anomalies in Cyclic Time Series Data with Matrix and Glyph Representations“. 2022.

2021 Awards & Honors

Kajmakovic, A.: Best Poster Award “IOT as enabler of workers’ stress detection in manufacturing systems of the future“. IoT 2021.

Roland, W.: Best Paper Award “Modeling Fully Intermeshing Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Kneading Blocks: Part B. Power Consumption and Viscous Dissipation“. SPE ANTEC 2021.

Salomon, E.: Best Poster Award “Comparison of Channel State Information driven and RSSI-based WiFi Distance Estimation“. EWSN 2021.

Sopidis, G.: Best Poster Award “Micro-Activities Recognition and Macro Worksteps Classification for Industrial IoT Processes“. IoT 2021.

2020 Awards & Honors

Brillinger, M.: Best Presentation Award “Additive manufacturing of salt hydrates: Primary process parameters and case study”. ICMEP 2020.

Brillinger, M.: Best Paper Award “Non Newtonian material behaviour in extrusion based 3D printing: Investigation of critical process parameters”. MCM 2020.

Ferscha, A.: Presidency of the ÖWGP. Austria. 2020.

2019 Awards & Honors

Abdul Hadi, M.: Best Paper Award “Adaptive Assembly Approach for E-Axles”. MMS2019 & MobilityIoT 2019.

Brillinger, M. and Bloder, M.: Best Poster Award “Axialflussmaschine – Neuartiges Motorkonzept verbessert Umweltbilanz von Elektroantrieben”. IONICA 2019.

Kraus, D.: Forschungspreis 2018 “Informationstechnologie” für die Masterarbeit “Approach for a novel optical network design for future automotive applications”. Österreichische Bundeskammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen. 2019.

Kraus, D.: Best Paper Award “Achieving Robust and Reliable Wireless Communications in Hostile In-Car Environments”. IoT 2019.

Trendafilov, D.: Best Paper Award “Importance of Coordination and Cultural Diversity for an Efficient and Flexible Manufacturing System”. COGNITIVE 2019.