Muaaz Abdul Hadi, researcher from Area 4.2 – Cognitive Production Systems, presented his work at the 8th Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems (CATS), CIRP. The papers at CATS revolved around the scientific topics of Smart Factories – design for assembly, human-robot interaction / collaboration in assembly, and ICT technology for assembly monitoring & control.

The presented paper, titled “Implementing cognitive technologies in an assembly line based on two case studies”, describes three main aspects. First, an e-axle variance matrix classifying the variety of e-axle designs. A data-driven bearing test rig (BTR), which determines the performance of bearing and this data from BTR is fed back to the assembly line for efficient assembly of e-axles. Finally, the Cobot (collaborative robot) based assembly operations for intuitive assembly of defined tasks in an e-axle.

The paper was co-authored with colleagues from Pro2Future, IFT and IME institute along with support from AVL. The conference proceedings are yet to be published. They will soon be published in Procedia CIRP and Elsevier.

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