Collaborative Publication @ Applied Sciences Journal, MDPI

Muaaz Abdul Hadi, a researcher from Area 4.2 – Cognitive Production Systems, published a journal article in the Applied Sciences Journal, MDPI.

The paper “Towards Flexible and Cognitive Production—Addressing the Production Challenges” results from collaborative work done by all areas of Pro²Future. Authors address several production challenges from their respective fields of expertise. Thus, the lengthy article provides a firm overview of aspects to consider while developing a flexible and cognitive production. The paper was authored by:

  • Area 1: Georgios Sopidis, Michael Haslgrübler
  • Area 2: Ouijdane Guiza
  • Area 3: Josef Suschnigg, Matej Vukovic, Milot Gashi
  • Area 4.1: Amer Kajmakovic, Daniel Kraus, Katarina Milenkovic, Konrad Diwold
  • Area 4.2: Markus Brillinger, Muaaz Abdul Hadi*DOI:

Keywords: Smart production; Industry 4.0; Assembly systems; Cognitive production; Adaptive assembly; Human-machine interaction

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