derStandard :: Forschung Spezial

The renowned daily newspaper “der Standard” recently reported on the Centre’s current research projects and results.

Area Manager of the Area “Perception and Aware Systems”, Dr. Michael Haslgrübler, provided information on the latest findings from Pro²Future’s current sustainability projects: “When AI starts to hallucinate while separating waste” (Editor: Norbert Regitnig-Tillian, June 2024))

Scientific Director, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alois Ferscha, showed which developments in the application area of ​​artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing are currently being researched by Pro²Future: “When the factory suddenly thinks for itself” (Editor: Raimund Lang, May 2024))

Senior Researcher Dr. Bernhard Anzengruber was interviewed on the subject of cognitive welding and Pro²Future’s projects in this research area: “AI recognizes when someone is unhappy while welding” (Editor: Mario Wasserfaller, December 2023)

Photos: Getty Images, iStockphoto, EPA, APA/AFP/STR, REUTERS/Stephane Mahe, IMAGO/ingimage, AFP/Jonathan Nackstrand, Heidi Seywald