OÖ Zukunftsforum 2022

On March 8th and 9th, the “OÖ Zukunftsforum” (Upper Austrian Future Forum) focussing on “Nachhaltig an der Spitze” (Sustainability at the Top) took place in voestalpine Stahlwelt Linz.

Pro²Future Scientific Director, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alois Ferscha provided a Keynote Talk about “Products with Cognitive Capabilities – Miniaturized, Embedded AI” (Produkte mit kognitiven Fähigkeiten – Miniaturisierte, eingebettet KI) in the Session Digital Transformation.

Furthermore, Researcher and interim Area Manager of Area 2 (Cognitive Robotics and Shop Floors) Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mayrhofer and JKU-ISSE Junior Researcher Mario Krizic, BSc demonstrated the Factory in a Box Prototype and the Cognitive Welding Helmet.

The program was packed: 45 specialist keynotes and workshops, in which over 400 participants dealt intensively with the topic of sustainability and developed their own ideas, provided variety.

The opening speakers: Landesrat Markus Achleitner, Minister Margarete Schramböck, WKOÖ President Doris Hummer and IV Managing Director Joachim Haindl-Grutsch unanimously saw great opportunities for the location in sustainable development. At the same time, however, they emphasized as a necessary prerequisite that the transformation phase must be designed in such a way that competitiveness is maintained.

Find more information via https://www.biz-up.at/ooe-zukunftsforum-2022 and photos of the event via https://www.cityfoto.at/content/de/fotogalerie/15741