Success Story – Increasing occupational safety and accident prevention in industrial production with Tiny AI

An effort to demonstrate the safe use of AI technologies in industrial environments to increase worker health & safety

The technological revolution is rapidly transforming the work environment, subjecting workers to new challenges, such as collaborating with highly efficient and partially autonomous machines. Currently, computer-assisted techniques and AI systems (human-centered artificial intelligence) are utilized in production research and machine development to enhance productivity and flexibility. However, occupational safety is often overlooked or given low priority in these advancements.

Pro²Future leverages the emerging generation of AI-based production systems to promote occupational safety and accident prevention. Partnering with domain experts from the AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherung), and researchers from the Institutes of Pervasive Computing, and Polymer Processing and Digital Transformation, demonstrators have been developed that exemplify safe use of AI to address (i) hazard assessment during production processes, (ii) building trust and enabling transparent communication with safety-relevant AI systems, and finally (iii) providing feedback and proposing intervention measures, with a focus on worker safety.

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