Visit at Saubermacher Graz at the Plastic Sorting Facility

Within the scope of our recAIcle project, we visited Saubermacher in Graz and took a look at the plastic sorting facility. This was very informative and gave us an interesting insight into the existing processes. In the recAIcle project, our cognitive systems are constantly learning from the manual sorters and getting smarter every day to support them in this tedious task. This should make the job easier, improve automatic sorting and ultimately lead to recycle more waste.

Picture: Pro²Future: Michael Haslgrübler, Jesus Pestana, Michael Krisper; Siemens: Florian Payerl, Daniel Gerstbauer; MU Leoben: Julian Aberger, Karim Khodier

Better circular economy for a green future!

(Dr. Michael Krisper) #ReduceReuseRecycle #AvoidWaste #CognitiveSystems #SmarterEveryday