Detection of Material Defects

Material defects are often hidden inside a workpiece and are only visible after processing in the final quality test. If you recognize them early on, processing can be stopped immediately, and valuable machine time is saved. As part of a research project by Pro²Future, Graz University of Technology and Siemens, it was possible to detect the smallest pores with a diameter of just half a millimeter. Without any additional sensors. For this purpose, the energy required by the spindle motor of an industrial CNC milling machine is monitored at high frequency. If the raw material has a defect, such as an air pore, then the milling machine requires less force at this point, which results in a minimal drop in the energy consumption of the spindle motor. The milling machine is equipped with a SINUMERIK control system, which detects the smallest changes in force even during processing. With Siemens Industrial Edge, data is read out 500 times per second from the high-precision control system and evaluated using artificial intelligence to detect even the smallest pores. Additional expensive measuring devices are not required.

Watch the Video at the Pro²Future YouTube Channel: Detection of smallest material defects during processing