Keynote ISM 2022

Von 2. bis 4. November 2022 fand die ISM 2022, die International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, in Hagenberg statt, organisiert von der FH Oberösterreich. Unser wissenschaftlicher Leiter Prof. Alois Ferscha wurde eingeladen eine Keynote zum Thema “Industrial Innovation Post Digitalization” zu halten.

Weitere Informationen:

Envisioning a foreseeable “post digitalization” era in industrial innovation, we identify massive potential in the miniaturization and autonomation of seamlessly embedded AI technologies towards a groundbreaking, rigorous and ubiquitous “cognification” of industrial systems. Current trends include the deployment of AI technology in industry, involving centralized, edge and cloud-based back-end AI, with very complex algorithmic machine learning strategies, massive computational effort for model training and inference and intricate generation and handling of huge data sets. Our research, in contrast, aims for a radically miniaturized, radically dispersed, federated, resource- efficient, low power, low algorithmic complexity, live, online, human brain inspired, real-time AI that operates on- device, and reliably even in harsh environments. We attempt for autonomic on device AI, and its amplification to collective on-multiple-device AI. Thus, we address (i) the miniaturization of AI systems (hardware, algorithms, methods), (ii) the orchestration of dispersed AIs, (iii) the opportunistic self-organization of limited resource ensemble AIs, (iv) reinforcement-, federated- and transfer-learning models and methods to operate embedded AIs, as well as (iv) the mapping of all the related findings into the cognification of products and production systems of the future.