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Pro2Future is also represented in the fall issue of “DIE MACHER” magazine. Editor Melanie Kashofer describes cognitive products as designed by Pro2Future GmbH.


Products that think (with) you

In the course of developing new vehicles, many different scenarios have to be tested and thousands of kilometres driven in order to be able to guarantee the reliable functioning of the car. If faults are discovered in the process, it is important to be able to reproduce them afterwards. The difficulty lies in minimally invasive processing of a vehicle in such a way that one is able to intelligently record and pre-filter the data without having to resort to bulky hardware.

In the CORVETTE project, the Pro²Future research centre (at the JKU Linz and TU Graz) is working together with AVL List, LCM, JKU Linz and TU Graz to develop a platform that can be easily installed in the car and uses artificial intelligence to recognise the surroundings and the context. This “digital co-driver” reads data from the dashboard, looks out of the window with a camera and detects the surroundings and other road users. Errors are automatically catalogued, which considerably simplifies the work of the test drivers. The great advantage of the project lies in the local data processing, which means that the sensitive personal data never leave the vehicle. If something unusual happens during the test drives, the processed information is communicated to the cloud so that the correlations can then be better analysed. In a further stage of expansion, entire fleets will be equipped with the system and the data will be combined in order to find effects that are not even noticeable with a single car.

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