Department: Area 2: Cognitive Robotics and Shop Floors

Alexander Egyed

Dr. Egyed is a Full Professor at the Johannes Kepler University (Austria) and the Chair for Software-Intensive Systems. He heads the Institute for Software Systems Engineering (ISSE) and is recognized for his work on software and systems engineering – particularly on software and system design modeling, consistency (=i.e., correctness and completeness), traceability (i.e., where is …

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Alois Knoll

The research activities of Professor Knoll (b. 1961) focus on cyber-physical systems, development tools for fault-tolerant systems, cognitive and sensor-based robots and medical robotics. Professor Knoll was awarded a doctorate (1988) and completed his lecturer qualification (1993) at the Technical University of Berlin. Following this, he was a full professor and Director of the Computer …

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