The Polymer Processing Society

Hanny Albrecht and Maximilian Zacher presented project research results of Area 4.2 – Cognitive Production Systems, at the 37th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) – April 11-15, 2022 – in Fukuoka (Japan).  

In this research work, we implemented the hybrid modeling approach combining numerical and data-based modeling for corrugated pipes. The objective is to develop multi-dimensional mathematical models via symbolic regression modeling based on genetic programming for predicting the wall thickness distribution as function of the mold geometry and initial parison thickness. Furthermore, to ensure the reliability and performance of the created pipe geometry, a mechanical performance analysis was performed based on the models to determine the strength of a geometry. These results will help to develop guidelines for producing a lightweight corrugated pipe that has the required mechanical performance with minimum material need. 

In this research work we investigated the throughput-pressure behavior of single screw extruders with grooved plasticizing barrels in combination with barrier screws. A network-theory based approach to predict the material flow and pressure distribution is presented. The flow network is solved via nodal analysis and the obtained pressure profiles are compared to experimental data, to proof the suitability of the methodology.