Keynote on Visual Analytics for Industrial Production Data

On May 23, 2022, Tobias Schreck took part as an invited speaker at the Sino European Workshop Series on Visualization. His talk on Visual Analytics for Industrial Production Data included results of recent projects with Pro²Future and partners in the area of visual exploration of metal production quality, and anomaly detection in automotove testing data. For more details please see the workshop webpage at:


Due to advances in sensor, network, measurement and other technologies, data can be captured about many steps of the industrial production process. This yields large amounts of data, and methods are needed for supporting production engineers, planners and other stakeholders in their tasks. Visual Analytics methods can be very helpful to support the exploration and analysis of large production data for understanding and decision making. We give an overview of selected data analysis problems in industrial data. We then discuss Visual Analytics solutions we developed together with domain experts from the automotive industry in a series of design studies. We show how we can support tasks like anomaly detection in time-series data, correlation of patterns in end-of-line test data, and visual comparison of classifiers for test procedures. We also discuss future work opportunities in the area.