TU Graz Science Day 2023 “Science for Future”: New Worlds in Production

Pro²Future was particularly well represented at this year’s Science Day at TU Graz on September 27th, 2023 in the Old Technology at TU Graz. The motto of the Science Day at TU Graz, which takes place once a year, was “New Worlds in Production” and we were of course able to boast many contributions and successes.

Gerd Hribernig at the panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for production in Europe.

CEO DI Gerd Hribernig was invited to a special panel discussion about how production will continue in the future and what contribution science and especially COMET centers can make here to strengthen the local economy. Representatives from industry, TU Graz and Pro2Future were invited. Keynote sessions by Matthias Weigold and Merit Bodner on topics such as how to save energy and resources along the supply chain with data and collaboration, and green energy storage and hydrogen enriched the morning. In the afternoon, at the topic session “Digital Products and Production”, Area Manager of the “Cognitive Products” area, Dr. Michael Krisper gave a lecture on cognitive products and how they help people in their daily industrial working world. DI Josef Suschnigg presented a poster about his current research results.

Link to the event:

Michael Krisper giving his enthusiastic keynote speech about cognitive products.
Josef Suschnigg presented his current research results in the form of a poster