CRP – Common Research Program

Joint research with the COMET-Centre CDP

Besides Pro²Future, in 2015 the COMET panel also recommended the Center for Digital Production (CDP) for public funding as a new COMET-Centre. The panel decisions on funding both centres were interlinked with the requirement that Pro²Future and CDP must execute a “Common Research Programme” (CRP). Significant parts of the research activities of both centres have to be brought in into joint demonstrator projects.

Therefore, Pro²Future and CDP elaborated the Common Research Programme comprising three demonstrator projects (DP) of an overall volume of 9.6 million Euro (see picture). In December 2016, the CRP was accepted in an additional evaluation process by the funding bodies.


Each of the five areas of Pro²Future contributes to the CRP whereby the Areas 1 to 3 are involved more intensely. Hence, their area managements also cover the project management tasks in the DPs: Area 1 is featuring DP1 Cognitive Products, Area 2 is responsible for DP2 Adaptive Production, and Area 3 holds the project lead of DP3 Data Analytics.

Aim of the Common Research Programme is to develop demonstrators which show new solutions to significant technological and industry problems.

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