AREA 3 – Cognitive Decision Making


Due to continuously rising complexity in the increasing networked, flexible, and individualized production within industry 4.0, employees need effective decision support systems. Thereby the ever-growing volume of data describing the production offers unforeseen opportunities on the one hand but also major challenges at the same time. Especially the high flexibility and variability of the production become a great challenge for data processing.


In AREA 3, new decision support systems (DSS), which can be used in particular for networked, flexible and data-intensive production systems, are being explored and developed. Specific attention is focused on the research on systems for the visual data exploration and analysis. On one side, these systems should support the users to get an overview of large data volumes and on the other side the opportunity to systematically analyze the large data volumes by visualization techniques.

One further emphasis is put on the research of DSS facilitating predictive maintenance of production facilities and especially precise prediction concerning system failures or variations in quality.

Here a special attention is given to research questions, how production employees can be instructed in the working process in order to avoid failures or deviations of quality best possible.

Another important issue is to what extent predictions can be made about system states for planning and simulation of the production process and therefore for optimally controlling the production process.

One particular focus is the exploration of DSS for products in customer use and how data-driven services can be offered there.

Furthermore, a safe and secure transmission of very large data volumes will be explored in AREA 3.

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